Hi, my name is Bridget Fagan and I'm a UX Designer.

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“At the end of the day its how the user remembers the experience. Focus on key experiences.”
— Shawn Borsky

 Chicago native.  language nerd.
Passionate about research, design, & problem-solving.

As a language teacher, I continually focused on the “user experience”–making sure that each lesson and student interaction was designed to provide a clean, seamless engagement tailored toward real-world student problems and cultural experiences.  I also frequently caught myself wanting to improve upon the design of language resource websites to make them more user-friendly for teachers, one of the many reasons I have been drawn to working in UX.   

As a UX designer, I observe and assesses user needs through patient, detailed, and empathetic observation.  Use of contextual inquiries, user journeys, personas (based on real users), prototyping, A/B testing, and more help to dig deeper into understanding user needs.  My goal is to work with a creative and innovative team to solve real problems in a meaningful way.

When I’m not soaking up everything there is to learn about UX design and development, you might find me spending time outdoors, practicing my Spanglish, or enjoying some salsa (the dance, the music, or the food–all equally outstanding).

Interested in working together?

get in touch with me below or at bridgetfagan3@gmail.com