Finding Participants for Your Research

The Evolution of UX Process Methodology

Why Strong UX/UI Matters

Contextual Interviewing

Last month, I completed one of David Travis’ UX courses in which he stressed the importance of engaging with a possible user in their normal context/enviroment.  In his Medium post using The Beginners Guide to Contextual Interviewing, he goes into more detail about why these types of inteviews to get a full understanding of a…
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Improving Handwriting for UX Sketching and Design

Being a lefty has always allowed me to excuse away the crooked lines, uneven letters, and illegible handwriting that often appear when I put pen to paper.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how my drawing has improved over the past few months of constant sketching (who knew I could draw a straight line?) and…
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Psychology Principles for UX Design

Today I spent some time reviewing past notes from my sketching and UX principles course, along with looking up a few new UX blogs.  One particular post by Thanasis Rigopoulos,The Psychology Principles Every UI/UX Designer Needs to Know resonated with me and seemed like a good candidate for some sketchnote practice.  Basic principles being reviewed were…
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