UI: The Good, the Bad, and the (sometimes) Ugly

Today’s UX/UI design reading comes from Mockplus over at Medium–“6 Bad UI Design Examples and Common Errors of UI Designers”.  They share some ideas about what can confuse or clarify for users what is happening on a webpage.  A few of my takeways included: keep in mind the 4E’s:  Error-free. – Easy to use. –…
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UX in Motion — Creating UI Animation with Adobe After Effects

I spent a good part of the morning today geeking out over This website, run by UX designer Issara Willenskomer, is for UX designers who want to use After Effects to create animations (Implementing more animation into my design has been on my “UX TO DO” list for a while). I dove into the…
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GoDaddy – interview takeways & design breakdown

InVision sat down with Daniel Hardy, Director of Product UX, and Josh Rossman, Director of eCommerce UX with GoDaddy, an internet domain registrar and web hosting company.  You can read the entire interview here. They discusses a variety of UX strategies and team philosphies they implement, but here are a few specific moments that stood out …
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UX/UI Gems — Pediatric Therapy Service

Great design of the week — COBB Pediatric Therapy Services why the design works: calls to action –the site has several, clear calls to action that stand out, but don’t aren’t overwhelming to view on page. emotional connection to the user –phrases like, “Your success is our priority” and “work with a company that…
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UX/UI Gems — Pantin’s Grandes Serres

  Great design of the week — Pantin’s Grandes Serres – a new real estate program bordering the Ourcq canal in Greater Paris Why the UI works: ITC, Helvetica font is large and chunky, very clean Family: ITC, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; unevenness with open boxes give the landing page a light, playful feel and connects with the…
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Finding Participants for Your Research

The Evolution of UX Process Methodology

Why Strong UX/UI Matters

Contextual Interviewing

Last month, I completed one of David Travis’ UX courses in which he stressed the importance of engaging with a possible user in their normal context/enviroment.  In his Medium post using The Beginners Guide to Contextual Interviewing, he goes into more detail about why these types of inteviews to get a full understanding of a…
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